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The DeFi Experience
Of Tomorrow

Discover MOVE X – A comprehensive platform to buy, trade and earn crypto. Decentralized, secure and easy to use.


Introducing MOVE X

We will bring MOVE X – a complete platform to buy, trade and earn crypto. Decentralized, secure and easy to use.

MOVE X Onboard

Buy any token with credit/debit card

Use any credit or debit card to buy crypto. We support any token trading on the Binance Smart Chain.

MOVE Xchange

Exchange tokens at the best price

Optimized by AI to find the best rates for you, the Xchange makes swapping tokens easier than ever.


Auto-earn MOVE with staking and farming

Stake or farm your MOVE and multiply your earnings just by depositing your tokens on the platform.


Goodbye 0x...,
welcome @Alice.

Send digital assets to anyone by using a simple username instead of an address. As easy as sending a message.

MOVE AI Safety Audit

Make safe investments with AI

Keep your portfolio secure by using our AI-driven audit. Verify holders, liquidity, contract, and more.

MOVE X Spend

Spend your hard-earned crypto

Connect with our partners to redeem your tokens for flights, services, and physical goods.


Bringing DeFi to the masses

MarketMove consists of two symbiotic elements - the MOVE token and the MOVE X platform. Learn how they complement each other.

The MOVE Token

A deflationary token that you can use to pay for fees in the platform, earn, and/or hold - with tokenomics favorable to long-term holders.

Learn about MOVE

The MOVE X Platform

We are building MOVE X – the first decentralized, simple and safe platform to buy, exchange, and earn on crypto.


Core Team Members

A collective of experienced and passionate tech leaders who are dedicated to building the future of DeFi.

Team Members Worked At

The most anticipated DeFi platform of 2023

We are on a mission to make crypto easy, safe, decentralized, and build MOVE X, the most anticipated DeFi platform of 2023.