the MOVE Token

Learn about the token that is the currency of MOVE X.

What is the MOVE token?

Deflationary utility token

MOVE token powers the MarketMove ecosystem. It serves both as the utility in MOVE X platform and as a long-term value creator for holders.

Join the



MarketMove has a supportive and trusting community of cryptocurrency enthusiast. Holding MOVE is like joining a community that works together to make crypto accessible and safe for everyone.


10% APY

in staking rewards

MOVE token holders can earn up to 10% APY in staking rewards. The rewards are distributed to all MOVE holders proportionally to their holdings.

Stay safe with

10 years

locked liquidity pool

We’re looking at the long term, not just next quarter. Our liquidity pool is locked for 10 years, which provides stability in the long run.


Unique, rewarding tokenomics

The MOVE token features exceptionally favorable tokenomics.


PriceProtect™ works by re-buying tokens and strengthening the liquidity pool. This protects the token's value, especially during difficult market conditions.

Staking10% APY

Staking rewards are distributed to all MOVE holders proportionally to their holdings. The rewards are distributed daily and can be claimed at any time.

Multiply your MOVEComing Soon

Earn rewards with staking and farming.

Staking is how we pay our community members for having a long term mindset and locking up their tokens. By providing liquidity and farming, you can earn even more MOVE.

Invest with peace of mind

As audited.

For maximum security, the token was audited by a world-leading crypto security consulting firm. The token passed 100% of the tests and achieved the highest possible score.

Buy & sell fees

Optimized for long-term growth

The fees are essential to support long-term development of the project and ensure stable growth.


Sell fees

24H Volume
Market Cap
Circulating Supply

You’re in early. Join the MOVEment.

We are on the mission to make crypto easy, safe, decentralized, and build MOVE – the most anticipated DeFi platform of 2023.